About Us

A fun place for kids. A resource for families and educators.

The Family Center for Autism is Long Island’s first venue that provides a lifespan of services and programs to people with autism, a lifeline of support to families who love them—and a vital resource to the educators who teach them.

Located in Garden City in a gleaming, 9,800-square-foot, four-story building, the Center is open seven days a week to our members and the general public. We offer a full range of therapeutic, educational, social, recreational and vocational services and programs for people with autism—and a wealth of support, informational, respite and social opportunities to their parents, siblings and other family members.

A Breakthrough Approach Built on a Proven Foundation
It’s the latest initiative of Life’s WORC, a nonprofit organization that’s been at the forefront of providing innovative services that enable individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism to lead independent, productive lives for more than 40 years.

We’re a Resource, a Respite and a Place to Simply Relax
Expanding our services for individuals with autism is key to our mission, but what’s perhaps most important about The Family Center for Autism is that it’s just that—a center for the family. We are a source of information and comfort for parents—a support system free from peer pressure for siblings—a place to just be yourself without the unwanted attention that far too often accompanies even the most routine family outings.

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