Board of Directors

Our leadership is strong. Our mission is clear.

The Family Center for Autism is governed by a board of caring, knowledgeable professionals who share our passion for changing the lives of those with autism—and our dedication for making it happen.


Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors & Executive Staff Officers
Rick Del Mastro, Chairman
Lynne Koufakis, Co-Vice Chair/Secretary
Steven G. Santino, Co-Vice Chair/Treasurer

Executive Board Members at Large
Donald W. Barrick
Edmond O’Donnell
Mark Salah Morgan, Esq.

Ron Aghassi, CPA
Michael Billia
Vince Grucci
Tariq Khan
Peter Klein, CFA
John Lee
Kanuj Malhotra
Richard Ritacco
Victoria Schneps-Yunis, Founder


Executive Staff

Janet Koch, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew P. Zebatto, Assistant Executive Director – Development & Public Affairs