Welcome Patty Romanowski Bashe!

We are thrilled to announce that The Family Center for Autism has a new member of our team of experts, BCBA and accomplished author Patty Romanowski Bashe.

Patty has been a great supporter of Life’s WORC and its programs since 2011 and a leading autism behavior analyst, educator and author for over a decade. Then One Day… Patty came on board as the fourth in-house BCBA at the FCA.

“Having full-time Licensed Behavior Analysts on staff gives The Family Center for Autism the ability to deliver unique clinical treatments on a consistent basis,” says Kristen Schreck-Many, Director of Behavior Intervention Services at the FCA. “Having staff on-site and in the field full-time allows each professional to research strategies and provide procedures that have been peer-reviewed and established. They are able to continually collaborate using technology, direct observation and data analysis. These professionals are flexible and available to oversee clients in their home, school and recreational settings.”

Everyone at the Family Center offers Patty a warm welcome, and we are excited to continue to expand the offerings to all of the people and families we support with the highest-caliber staff and programs available.



More about Patty:

PATRICIA ROMANOWSKI BASHE, MSEd., BCBA, LBA, was most recently BCBA supervisor for Nassau County’s largest special-needs preschool, and prior to that, a clinical instructor in pediatrics at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital and acting director of the BCBA program at Stony Brook University, ABA team leader for the Marion K. Salomon agency, and instructor at the Ascent School. She has taught graduate courses in special education and applied behavior analysis, and consulted for parents, organizations, and school districts. She lives on Long Island with her husband, the author Philip Bashe, and their son, Justin, who has Asperger syndrome and has been a proud client of Life’sWORC since 2011.

Patty is the author of two books on autism: Asperger Syndrome: The OASIS Guide, and The Parents’ Guide to Teaching Kids with Asperger Syndrome and Similar ASDs Real-Life Skills for Independence. Prior to changing careers, she was the first editor of Rolling Stone magazine’s book division, then an award-winning author and editor who coauthored twenty-three books, including four national bestsellers and two books that became TV miniseries, before launching her career in education and behavior analysis. Patty was born in Wichita, Kansas, and holds a BA in English Literature from Lehman College (CUNY).