Behavior Intervention Services

Bringing out the best in every child.

The Family Center for Autism Behavior Intervention Services (BIS) program provides the latest in progressive, innovative solutions and support to families and school districts throughout Queens, Nassau, Suffolk and the Bronx.

The BIS team, including BCBAs, features professionals who collaborate with district personnel, family members, and consulting specialists to create, implement and monitor behavior intervention programs for each individual with:

  • Treatment objectives consistent with school outcomes to provide greater continuity and opportunities for success.
  • Service types, duration and frequencies recommended to the special education committee based on data driven analysis.
  • Remote supervision using standardized assessments and the latest technology.
  • Student progress monitored and shared securely with school districts via online updates and reports.

Our comprehensive and intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approach incorporates opportunities for learning across all settings and environments—at home, in the classroom and in the community—and includes:

  • Behavior consultation services
  • Needs assessment evaluation with written findings and recommendations
  • Parent training & counseling
  • Extended school day services (ESD) in home or school.
  • Professional development & training to meet a district’s, school’s or agency’s needs.
  • BCBA supervision consisting of two tracks.

Applied behavior analysis programs such as this one are now covered by health insurance, according to New York State law. This program also is available as a private pay service to families.

For more information about our Behavior Intervention Services, ABA insurance or to find out more about creating a Behavior Intervention plan for a student, contact us via email.