Job description:

Instructor reports directly to the Manager of The Family Center for Autism in Long Island, NY. The Instructor is responsible for providing services pertaining to their area of specialty at The Family Center for Autism.

  • Pay Scale: $30 – $50 per hour

Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating classes in specialty area and providing direct instruction to participants.
  • Developing curriculum based instruction that can be modified for various levels, as requested.
  • Providing direction within the parameters of the specialty, to staff and/or volunteers assisting the group to maximize support and participation.
  • Providing exemplary customer service.
  • Communicating supply and inventory needs to the management staff.
  • Providing ongoing supportive communication with participants, staff, volunteers and interns.
  • Effectively communicating concerns, feedback and any matters related to the participants, interns, volunteers or staff members to management.
  • Ensuring cleanliness and overall maintenance of the classroom and facility physical plant.
  • Attending mandatory staff meetings and in-service training.
  • Adhering to all policy and procedures for The Family Center including emergency evacuation plans, incident reporting and fire safety.
  • Attending scheduled training and meetings, as may be required.


  • Bachelor’s Degree Preferred.
  • Certifications or License in area of specialty (if applicable).
  • Minimum one year experience with Autism population.
  • Good verbal communication and written skills.
  • Flexibility & Enthusiasm.

To apply, email us your resume. To find out more about The Family Center for Autism, contact us.