Frequently Asked Questions

Before joining the Family Center for Autism, we understand that you’re sure to have questions. We’re more than happy to provide the answers. Here are answers to some of the most common ones. Don’t see your question here? Contact us.

 Freqently Asked Questions

How are the participants in classes and activities grouped?
In order to promote socialization, the participants are grouped according to their age, keeping in mind functioning level.

What is the staff-to-participant ratio?
Each group is comprised of six to eight participants and is facilitated by an instructor or a lead staff member, with two additional support staff, allowing for a 3:1 ratio.

What if my loved one needs more support than what’s provided?
Participants who may need 1:1 staff support can bring in their own provider if they already have one. Otherwise, you can request 1:1 staff from the Family Center for an additional fee.

Can I participate in the class with my loved one?
To encourage socialization with peers, we ask that you refrain from participating in class with your loved one. The Family Center for Autism also hosts family events that the whole family can participate in together.

Do you have typical role models?
Our Center is open to the public. When appropriate, our classes utilize volunteers from the local high schools to act as peer role models in our teen and adult classes. Typical siblings may also join and participate in the various classes to increase inclusion opportunities.

Do you accept insurance?
Insurance does not cover the costs of memberships or recreational/social classes. However, we do accept insurance plans for our Behavior Intervention Services, which have recently been mandated to be included in coverage by New York State.

Can I leave the building while my loved one is in class?
If your loved one is doing well in the class, please feel free to leave the building and enjoy some personal time.